Chef Nesreen’s

It was not that hard for me to choose a culinary school, I did not have any hesitations when I decided to be a part of American Hospitality Academy.

I am very thankful that I attended AHA because aside from it being a part of the American Culinary Federation, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of things from great chefs.

We all know how time management is important to chefs especially in the workplace and because of AHA I learned how to manage my time. I learned how to set priorities. AHA engraved on my mind and heart that having good attitude is as important as having good culinary skills. Skills can be learned but never a good attitude.

AHA gave me an amazing experience that I am pretty sure no other school could give. Things I can apply in the workplace all of my experiences in AHA and it helps me to be stronger and a greater chef.

– Chef Nesreen Navarrete



Chef David’s

When I started to look at culinary schools to attend, AHA didn’t really stand out compared to all of them, I chose to attend AHA because of the only thing that made them stand out, their International internships…. But what I didn’t know at that time is the number of things that made them the perfect choice.


In the kitchen, if you’ve ever worked in a professional one, or have seen memes around the internet, then you’ll realize that it’s not a fairytale story, nor is it an “easy” course to choose for the students leaping from high school to college.


AHA’s methods are unorthodox.  But they will groom you as a future chef and as a human being.  The culinary classes are as real as it gets.  You’re under so much pressure with regards to your preparedness from your uniform to your equipment and your knowledge, up to the amount of time they give you to prepare the dish.


They also test your creativity, challenges you, pushes you to your limit, and when you’re at that point, they’ll push you harder. Why?  Because that’s life in the kitchen.  It’s not a 9-5 job, say goodbye to normal holidays, birthdays, or whatever.


It was hard, for sure.  But it paid off.  As soon as I left the safety net of the school, I was mentally and physically as ready as I could be.  In this field, you learn basics in school, that’s it..  Everything else you learn thru mistakes and anticipation.


I don’t think there’s any other school better than AHA in this country that could test you if you’re dedicated to the field.  Because dedication and passion is what will drive you to get through their tests, and those tests will groom you to be a person who’s attitude would be completely different compared to when you first walked into their doors.

 – Chef David Laumond