Chef Nesreen’s

It was not that hard for me to choose a culinary school, I did not have any hesitations when I decided to be a part of American Hospitality Academy.

I am very thankful that I attended AHA because aside from it being a part of the American Culinary Federation, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of things from great chefs.

We all know how time management is important to chefs especially in the workplace and because of AHA I learned how to manage my time. I learned how to set priorities. AHA engraved on my mind and heart that having good attitude is as important as having good culinary skills. Skills can be learned but never a good attitude.

AHA gave me an amazing experience that I am pretty sure no other school could give. Things I can apply in the workplace all of my experiences in AHA and it helps me to be stronger and a greater chef.

– Chef Nesreen Navarrete



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