Chef Dexter’s

I am thankful that I attended AHA, because AHA gives the most value when it comes to its courses. It’s not the cheapest nor the most expensive culinary school here in the Philippines, but it will allow you to become equipped with everything that you need to know not just the things for culinary but for the hospitality industry that you will become a part of.

I learned the value of discipline. How important it is to be always on time and to work with your team. AHA stresses the importance of working as a group and not just as an individual. No matter how good of a chef you are, you’re nothing without your team. The school challenges its students to be creative and to think outside the box. You may only have a few ingredients in your possession but you and your team will have to create something delicious and presentable no matter what.

AHA is not all about cooking. They teach you accounting, event management, and even business presentations. It thought me not to be just a chef but to become a true leader. It allowed me to work with different people I never knew that I will have opportunity to meet great chefs both local and international, and top consultants in this country.

– Chef Dexter Dela Cruz



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