Chef Julio’s

When I first started culinary school, I was nervous because kitchen life was not an easy thing, everything had a start, a middle and an end. I started in AHA not knowing what to expect. I was wrong because AHA provided me with the tools necessary such as mentors with the highest credentials, high standard of teaching methods and world class chefs that share techniques not only for the eyes but for the mind and spirit. The 2 most important things I learned from AHA was to not just always practice but to have patience and passion in cooking which I treasure up to this day. My experiences in AHA was the best experience of my culinary life so far. Yes a part of that process is to have cuts, burns, bruises and being scolded by the chefs but this was actually a lesson that could only be taught not in the classroom but by training. And it’s a communication between two individuals that share the same passion. These experiences taught me discipline, organization, time management and most importantly the hunger and drive for excellence.

– Chef Julio Osias



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