Chef Janine’s

Cooking is something that i’ve always wanted to do. My view for cooking is not as if it’s an obligation, but as an inspired, creative art form. It involves taking a few ingredients and creating a masterpiece. When I say masterpiece, the entree doesn’t have to be a fancy, elaborate, gourmet dish. Your masterpiece can be small with a couple of ingredients, as long as you put your heart and imagination into it. Education is a big part of what we do as students, but we need real life experiences as well.  Involvement is a way to put your skills out there by stepping out of your comfort zone and “AHA” molded my attitude and perspective in cooking. The principles and experiences I have learned during my stay in AHA helped me proved to myself and colleages that I can keep up with different cultures because the school trained us to be globally competitive while respecting others’ opinions on food.

– Chef Janine Tolentino
(Beau Rivage a MGM Company)



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