Chef Royceleth’s

A Culinary school is where well trained and carefully molded cooks/chefs usually come from. When I decided to get into a culinary school, the first factor i considered was the ability of the school to place their graduates in the industry. AHA gave me more than a job but a life time family, it also molded the character in me, the perseverance and dedication in the craft.

My AHA journey wasnt easy at all, blood and sweat are poured but its all worth it. The only things i knew when i first got into AHA, are just basic  cooking methods anfy expectations were low, but to my surprise they gave me more than expected. They taught me how to become a team player, and how to become humble. The 2 year duration of my stay in AHA, gave me the chance to be part of culinary team and the “eat and cheat cancer” project. Because of those projects I was able to come out of my shell and I saw the industry in a different perspective, heart, soul and talent. At that moment it’s not just about cooking but also about serving others.

Now, as a dietary chef, i was greatful to AHA that they provided the real life atmosphere to their students. The military like training served as a great deal to every graduates they had because it produced the world class professional chef that everyone seek.

– Chef Royceleth Lopez
(Dietary Private Chef)



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