Chef Louise’s

Honestly, I never wanted to cook nor even be near a kitchen. But when I was in AHA, things have changed for me. I learned to love the art of cooking. Learning the basics, basics that lead me to professional cookery, the passion to perfect things, the eagerness to learn new techniques and to concoct a ridiculous mixture of passion and hard work.

Though it was a tough journey (up until now), but I was able to overcome every obstacle that came my way. Cuts and burns are just something to be laughed and reminisced at.

The sweat and the rush is like a fun exercise. That’s what AHA taught me, to be organized at all times, to work under pressure, to manage my time and be productive in a more efficient and effective way, not only that but AHA disciplined and molded me to become the person who can actually say “Bring it on” and “Is that all you’ve got” to all the challenges I have faced, and about to face.

– Chef Louise Yap

(She did her internship at Casa Marina Waldorf Astoria. She is now a commis chef at Brotzeit. )



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