Chef Edrick’s

Studying in AHA was never easy for me. I have always loved cooking and it has been my passion and I was almost sure that I was ready for it when I started Culinary school. But AHA’s ways was something that I never expected. It is completely unorthodox but it was all worth it.

They taught me to be punctual. It was always difficult for me to wake up early but AHA taught me that being on time was very important. We had to be at school at 6:30am because classes started at 6:45.  You need to be there 15 minutes early because being on time means being late.

I learned a lot of things and it made me stronger and disciplined. I would never regret going to AHA. I was able to apply everything when I worked at one of the top Japanese restaurants here in the Metro. I realized how perseverance and passion needs to be backed up by attitude and discipline.

– Chef Edrick Cruz


– Chef Edrick Cruz


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