Chef Sharm’s

” I am thankful I attended AHA, because AHA molds its students to be more creative, disciplined and be a better person. They equip their students with the tools they need not only in the kitchen but also in their daily lives. They truly make diamonds in the rough.

They taught me humility, which is the ability to learn from those around you as well as from your own mistakes, No matter how great you are, if you’re not willing to acceptk your mistakes there is no way you’re going to improve. To always have the desire to learn and grow and having a good sense of taste and a spirit of adventure.

Having the rush of adrenaline you get during peak hours, to work in precision and a cool head in intense pressure, these are the things that keeps my passion going. When things get though, the tough get going, AHA taught me that in a difficult situation, you must persevere harder to meet the challenges given and giving up is not an option either.

Whatever you do in life, do what you enjoy, enjoy what you do.”

– Chef Sharm Chan



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