Chef Viren’s

“I am thankful I attended AHA because it trained me to be a world class professional chef.
AHA showed me how it is in the real kitchen, tough and no one will help you but yourself. They gave me a chance to see my potential and where it can bring me. AHA trained their students properly. No special treatment. Every small thing is a big thing for AHA and that made a big impact on me.

To be on time, being organized and discipline in every aspect. Those are the main things I have learned in AHA. Being just on time is not enough, being early was expected from us. Always prepared and ready to go was a very big thing. One lacking equipment was something we students did not want to happen cause it meant youll have to look for it or be sent home.
Another thing AHA thought me was do not take whatever happens in the kitchen to heart. What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen. If the chef calls your mistake then just say ”yes chef” and fix it. Work is work and that is a big thing to bring around where ever you go. Youll be able to apply this in any career you take.

My experience in AHA showed me my strengths and weaknesses. It made me a better person, not just a chef. I adopted with whatever was given to me. People with different personalities in the kitchen is hard and it was one of the experiences that I had to get used to and to just work around it.
AHA life was a very interesting place for me and I will always remember the good and bad times I had there.”

– Chef Viren Bharvani



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