Chef Angel’s

The best decision I’ve made that I am very thankful for is that I attended AHA. It’s because they taught me everything that I needed to know about being a world class professional chef, thinking outside the box and giving my best in everything I do. AHA is a small intimate community. You got to see and work with same people all the time. Sometimes clashing of personalities, artistic and professional methods occur. But AHA with it’s strong sense of professionality, taught me to deal with different kinds of people and to still be in my best even under stressful circumstances. AHA will train you hard, teach you all the techniques and share the deepest knowledge to be the best world class professional chef.

Several important things that I have learned is Time management, Punctuality, Discipline and Adaptability. AHA helped me Boost my Confidence in cooking and baking. AHA taught me to accept everything especially very tough challenges.

My internship in Europe sparked my curiosity and thirst to learn more, to love my craft. I was introduced in different kinds of ingredients and their foods. I have learned more new methods, techniques that I can continuously use in my personal and professional life.

Being a chef you have to wake up early and be on time. At first it’s really hard to wake up early in the morning but then I got used to it. To be scolded by your chef’s if you are not listening attentively, to be sent out if your equipment are incomplete. But all of it did something good to me. It made me a better chef.
One of the things I found hard was dealing with different personalities and attitude inside the kitchen. Especially when it comes to teamwork. But then, experiencing it everyday made me become better in dealing with it and being in those tough situations, learning from mistakes and improving on the good things made me a stronger and better chef.

AHA gave me alot of memories,good and bad. Experienced alot of things that made me continue my culinary journey. They made me a better person. Widened my knowledge in culinary. AHA will mold and make you a World Class Professional Chef!

– Chef Angel Tan Guico



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