Chef Jai’s

I was an incoming 4th year Political Science student when I decided to shift to Culinary. I am searching for a school that offers a Bachelors Degree instead of just Certificate Courses which most culinary schools offer. Then i came across the homepage of American Hospitality Academy – Philippines, not only that they offer a Bachelors Degree course; it was a double degree as well. Im not only getting a degree in culinary arts but an international management degree as well which is a great bargain for me and most especially for my parents.

I am thankful that i chose AHA instead of another school since my degree will give me a more competitive advantage compared to those who just completed a certificate course. Not only that i will be able to work as a chef in the kitchen, i am also qualified for kitchen management positions because Aha did not just train us to be a great chefs but as future managers as well.

Discipline. It was something that im completely grateful that AHA trained us to be, a well disciplined individuals. It took a while for me to get used to at first but eventually being on time, bringing complete tools, having pocket notebook with written marketlist, tying my hair, removing my earrings and doing my homework for the day just become part of my daily routine without me noticing it. It helped me a lot especially during my internship abroad. Another thing that i learned in AhA that i was able to apply in my working life is to be able to work with what ingredients you have in front of you. To work with your imagination and creativity in the kitchen.  As much as we would like to have all the ingredients that we need that are just times that you run out of something and being able to be creative enough to replace it or to modify the recipe was something that aha has tought as well during our market basket.

Its not always a good day in the kitchen as well as in Culinary schools, there are days that you will be scolded for something wrong that you did but instead of taking it the wrong way you must learn from these experiences. Use this bad experiences as a motivation to better and stronger. That is how my experiences in aha helped me become a stonger and better chef. I applied all the good things or experiences that i’ve been through and learned from the bad ones. As they say experience is the best teacher.

– Chef Jai Alilio



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