Chef Hana’s

I had 2 options when I decided to take culinary course. I had ISCAHM and AHA in mind. I’m glad that I chose AHA because not only it was cheaper but the school also has high teaching standards. It was all worth it. The culinary skills I learned from AHA were all very useful because up till now, I am still able to apply everything I learned with my current job.

AHA trained me well not only as a professional Chef but as a stronger and better person in whatever industry I may pursue. AHA taught me how to work well in a team and with other people. With the rapid change of manpower in my current job, it was easy for me to adjust since as I’ve mentioned, I was trained well. Being a Chef requires a lot of energy and hard work. And that means working on long and sometime late hours continuously. AHA gave me that experience too. To be on my feet for long hours doing preps, cooking and cleaning. And not to forget, doing all those things under pressure. And now I know that all those experiences from AHA are just for me to be well prepared in the real world.
I believe with the many sayings about the “never stop learning”, because there is so much more there for me that I still have to know and share to others to become a better Chef.

– Chef Hana Tuano
(Assistant Kitchen Manager at Maisen Japanese Restaurant )



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