Chef Tamer’s

Coming from a Non Art related course, never did I think that I’ll be entering this field. Browsing on to several culinary schools, I came across American Hospitality Academy which happened to be my brother’s suggestion.

AHA helped me learn and bring out the skills that I didn’t know I have. From making all those weekly menu list needed for our Upper East duty, to those sleepless nights peeling hundreds of potatoes and filing the portfolio of the menus and demos.

Class starts at 6:45 am. But these things taught me to be more responsible, knowing my priorities and managing my time.

– Chef Tamer Hussin



Chef Aaron’s

I never thought that I will end up taking culinary arts in college, but I don’t have any regrets at all. It feels like the most awesome thing will happen to you when you least expect it. And so I am thankful that I ended up in AHA Philippines. Not only because it made me a World Class Professional Chef but also a well disciplined member of the society.
Many people might say that Culinary Arts is an easy course to take up in college, I strongly disagree. In order to succeed in this industry, an individual must have the knowledge, punctuality, and discipline. The skills will be developed along the way.
AHA doesn’t only train students how to cook and work in a kitchen, they also train us to be disciplined in every aspect. In my experience in the school, I was lacking one equipment and they didn’t allow me attend the class. That moment served as a lesson for me to check my equipment if they are complete and be always prepared and ready for everything. AHA’s way of disciplining is unorthodox but I’ll say it’s effective and I will embrace it throughout my career.

AHA’s method of training made me perform well in my internship in the United States. Although at first it was hard to adjust because they have methods that are different from what I learned in school and so I had to adapt.

I am thankful for all the good and bad memories I left with.

I am a proud graduate of American Hospitality Academy – Philippines

-Chef Aaron Paca


Chef Rej Casanova, Executive Sous Chef, Marriott Hotel Manila

The “AHA Philippines way” is one of the core values that I have been using in my day to day culinary journey starting from my first job as a cook and up to the ladder now as the Executive Sous Chef of Marriott Hotel Manila.

AHA Philippines  is the best place to learn about the industry, perfect your skills and knowledge, and become the culinary professional you want to be. When we were students, our chefs treat us as if we are professionals , which helped us a lot in preparation for this very challenging culinary world.

Another best thing about school is that they   provide you with every opportunity to be successful both personally and professionally. I must say that  my Internship at The Ritz Carlton Naples, Florida is one of the genuine experiences that I can truly be proud of.  Thank you AHA!

Chef Rej Casanova
Executive Sous Chef
Marriott Hotel Manila



Chef Rush’s

It’s really difficult to suggest to my mom, which culinary school I should go to. But when i told her about the programs that AHA offers that other culinary school don’t have she is finally convinced that this will be a perfect training ground for me. We didn’t make a mistake by choosing AHA. American Hospitality Academy is a perfect training ground for aspiring chefs, they will help you to mold and hone your talents and skills.
Perseverance and patience, these are the things that AHA thought me. Working in a real kitchen is not easy but with the help of AHA it was a lot easier. AHA instructors are keen to detail and very strict even to the smallest details like uniform, tools, homework and attendance. This small details makes a big difference when working in a real kitchen. Thats the time when i realized and appreciated what AHA did for us. AHA don’t spoon feed the students but they let the students experience the hell kitchen can turn out to be.

– Chef Rhosher Lynn Tan.