Chef Rush’s

It’s really difficult to suggest to my mom, which culinary school I should go to. But when i told her about the programs that AHA offers that other culinary school don’t have she is finally convinced that this will be a perfect training ground for me. We didn’t make a mistake by choosing AHA. American Hospitality Academy is a perfect training ground for aspiring chefs, they will help you to mold and hone your talents and skills.
Perseverance and patience, these are the things that AHA thought me. Working in a real kitchen is not easy but with the help of AHA it was a lot easier. AHA instructors are keen to detail and very strict even to the smallest details like uniform, tools, homework and attendance. This small details makes a big difference when working in a real kitchen. Thats the time when i realized and appreciated what AHA did for us. AHA don’t spoon feed the students but they let the students experience the hell kitchen can turn out to be.

– Chef Rhosher Lynn Tan.



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