Vivir para cocinar..cocinar para to cook, cook to live!

My passion for the culinary arts  made me choose AHA – and that’s where I was trained to be the best that I can be for 6 months under the Diploma in Culinary Arts program.  I learned all the things that I think I would  need to be a great Chef —  with discipline, handwork and real kitchen experience, I headed home to Iloilo, my hometown, to work.

Lacking experience at that time, I applied in a 4-star hotel and was interviewed by the Executive Chef. Theoretically I nailed every cooking method, which impressed my Chef but still they had doubts on my capability because of my lack of experience.  I wasn’t hopeful, but the Executive Chef told me “You came from AHA?” I know Chef Gene and he is a great teacher – I am putting you on board!”

I gave my all for the first 2 weeks, which my Executive Chef noticed and said “You hve impressed me the past days” to which I responded, ” I  was doing what I have learned from culinary school, hard work and sticking to the basics, Chef.”  With a serious face, my Executive Chef said ” that’s what i wanna hear, I am training you as a chef de partie…i need that kind of attitude in my team!

After a year of proving myself, failures, disappointments, and lots and lots of hammering from my executive chef — I am now  Chef de Partie of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo,the first 4 star hotel in my hometown!

I will forever be thankfull to AHA! Thank you!

Chef Rey Parreno
Chef de Partie, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo



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