When I enrolled in AHA I did not fully anticipate the hardships and struggles I would face. But I am sure all students feel this at times. I frequently battled frustrations while understanding I needed to maintain a good temperament and attitude. In the end, the struggles paid off. I realized that AHA and its staff are molding their students to have a better future possible, and the struggles are necessary to our success. As a result, I gained a rewarding U.S.-based internship that I will treasure for a lifetime. And now working in one of the 2nd biggest Sheraton in the world here in Dallas Texas.
I learned so much from professional and personal standpoint, and AHA set me up for that. My culinary knowledge was boosted from my graduation at AHA. I will always treasure my education the friends that I met during my journey with AHA.

Dave Curaming
Chef and Kitchen Supervisor
Sheraton Hotel
Dallas, Texas


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