AHA Culinary Team / Chef Gem’s

Joining the AHA International Culinary Team was my first goal upon enrolling at AHA. I started as a new member, a recent school transferee, and I didn’t know how to fit in, but I just focused on what I wanted to achieve and just proved I can handle being with the team. It’s unlike any sports team. It’s like military camp except it’s inside the kitchen. We did exercises, taekwondo & jumping jacks to train us to withstand long hours of training and events. We cook the same dishes again and again until our coaches approve. We have 4:30 am call times. We are required travel out of town to compete and do fundraisings. We are required to spend on our ingredients. Basically, the AHA International Culinary Team doesn’t tolerate COMPLAINS, ARGUMENTS, TARDINESS, LAZINESS, and BAD ATTITUDE.
The AHA International Culinary Team was the best experience of my stay at AHA. I wouldn’t be who I am today and wouldn’t have achieved everything if it wasn’t for our then Coach Chef Dyan Tablante and all the team work and friendship from the other members.
The pressure, the shouting, the long hours….you need to embrace it learn from it and have fun!

Jarina Gem Tee
Team Captain 2012 to 2014
1 Bronze; 5 Silver Medals; 1 Gold Medal



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